Weather Shmeather

Well we certainly got some unseasonable rain the last few days - after all the fear of the forecasted deluge, Napa only received 0.56inches yesterday. So we start Wednesday October 5th with the sun shining and hopes high. We won’t really know where we stand till we get back out in the vineyards again on Friday to check the fruit and the sugars -pics to follow. Good news is that there is sun forecast for the next few days that should warm us and the grapes up as well as make our spirits brighter!  Hold the wellies -it’s not winter yet!

A short video on how we sample sugars in our Merlot vineyard

Checking Fruit Sugars

Well today we had our first foray of this vintage into checking sugars. This is a process which helps us know the best time to pick the grapes to get optimum flavors. Both vineyards are not too far away from each other geographically - only 7 miles from the Carneros appellation in Napa where we get our Merlot to the Oak Knoll appellation also in Napa Valley where we source our Cabernet Franc. The process involves picking a good cross section of berries, squeezing them to extract the juice and then testing the sugar or brix with a machine called a Refractometer. Today the Merlot was 21.6 degrees (a little further along than we expected) and the Cabernet Franc was 20.5 degrees (right around where we thought it would be). 

We will continue to check sugars every week and as we get closer to our Harvest date we’ll likely check them every other day.  We may have to adjust our picking date a little, always a gamble when you have to schedule pickers, but we’re pleased both grapes are trucking along at around the same sugar levels especially as harvesting them together is crucial to our co-fermenting plans for Rua. One of the many things that sets our wine apart from others. Can’t wait to see how much the sugars climb by next week.